CEE 5130 / ESM 5554 : Turbulence and Turbulent Flows
This graduate-level course covers the nature and characteristics of turbulence, the dynamics and scales of turbulence, turbulent transport of momentum and heat, statistical description of turbulence and spectral analysis, turbulence modeling and simulation, and examples of turbulent flows in engineering and environmental systems.

CEE 3304 : Fluid Mechanics for CEE
This is an introductory undergraduate course in fluid mechanics, and includes concepts and measurements of fluid properties; computing hydrostatics and hydrodynamic forces on hydraulic structures; computing fluid pressures, discharges, and velocities; and determining energy losses in pipe flows. Course includes conducting hydraulic laboratory experiments and demonstrations, analyzing and interpreting collected data, and preparing technical laboratory reports.

Enhancement of Diversity and Inclusion
Our lab strives to enhance diversity and inclusion in Academia. As part of this effort, we co-hosted a group of undergraduate students from two HBCUs (Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University) in October 2019 to engage in research in biological transport.